The Write Kind of Music

So with the first book I didn’t particularly have deadlines—other than those I imposed on myself. And for most of us, it’s all too easy to ignore self-imposed deadlines or extend them indefinitely. Having worked as a newspaper reporter for many years, I work best under the thumb of a real, no-fudge-factor deadline.

shutterstockDeadline920Now than I’m signed with a publisher, there are real deadlines for my books—dates on which I am contractually obligated to turn in the synopsis and the manuscript for each book and dates by which edits must be completed.

This is good for me. But it’s not always easy. I try not to procrastinate. But no matter how early I get started or push to reach daily word counts, it’s a race to the finish line. That adrenaline rush pushes me forward—that, and copious amounts of caffeine. And I need inspirational tunes.

Not songs to play while actually writing, but songs to inspire me to write. I rarely listen to music while writing. If so, it’s instrumental or sung in a language I don’t speak. Icelandic band Sigur Ros fits the bill.

The following partial playlist is my Rocky Balboa running up the steps music. Music to pump me up, energize me, motivate me, keep me running—or at least limping—to the finish line.

Top Five Inspiration to Write Tunes:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Everyday I Write the Book by Elvis Costello

The Book of My Life by Sting

Let the Day Begin by The Call

Paperback Writer by The Beatles

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